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SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, simply refers to the process of increasing and improving the amount and quality of traffic directed to your website through organic search results in search engines.

To better understand this process, it’s important to know the basic factors that SEO consists of:

Bigger websites with many pages, products or categories may require more specific and unique URL structures. (

Top tip: Make sure you properly plan your URL structures in advance.

  • Meta descriptions - in layman’s terms, a meta description is a brief description below the search term heading that helps describe a page, and contains keywords that will help with your ranking.

  • Keyword density - the number of times a specific or range of keywords appear relative to the total number of words a piece of copy, like a website page or blog post consists of. Its purpose is to determine the relevance of a particular keyword or keyword phrase. Using keywords or phrases too many times (keyword stuffing) will negatively affect your rankings and makes for poorly composed content.

  • High quality backlinks - backlinks are links from one website to another that are used as ranking factors and play a crucial role in your SEO strategy.

  • Meta tags - are hidden pieces of text in a page’s source code that describes the content of a page and helps tell search engines what pages are about.

  • Page load speed - the time it takes for content on a page to completely display. When pages take too long to load, visitors will leave your website. This results in an increase in your website’s bounce rate and negatively impacts your rankings.

  • Quality traffic - many people strive to get traffic to their website, but quality trumps quantity. The better the quality of the traffic, the better it will convert.

  • Alt text - also known as image tags provide descriptions to better understand what an image and page is all about. It is especially helpful for the visually impaired and makes for a greater overall user experience.

  • Engaging content - meaningful, engaging and relevant content will keep your website interested for longer and has a positive impact on your bounce rate.

  • No broken links - broken links are harmful to your website and make for a negative user experience when visitors browse your website. It impacts your ranking within search engines and can make you lose out on potential customers.

It’s important to note that while SEO can greatly improve and increase your visibility and ranking, it won’t yield results overnight. It’s an investment that takes time but benefits your business in the long-run.

With an estimated 5 million searches conducted on Google daily, implementing an SEO strategy will help you be at the top of search engines when people search for your product or service. This will also have a direct impact on your conversion rate.

How much you pay will all determine on what you want from your SEO service provider. The bigger the project the bigger the budget has to be, SEO and Adwords go hand in hand and the better your marketing campaign, the better business you can expect to get from your SEO efforts.

One of the most important factors to always remember is that SEO is a process, you will not get results over night, or even in a month’s time. You could expect a bit of feedback within 3 months but much like building muscle and losing weight, time and effort has to be put in, and offcourse, money.

How big is your company? Are you well known or simply just starting out? What kind of market are you looking to target? Are you selling a product or marketing a service? These are all important factors to keep in mind when asking how much should you pay for your SEO services. If you are just starting out, meaning you are still relatively unknown, you could expect to be paying a bit more in order to get your name and brand out there.

There is a difference between what you should pay for your SEO services and how much you can expect to pay. As previously mentioned, what you should pay all depends on what you want from your SEO service provider. You have to make sure that you are paying for proper SEO techniques as well, so be sure to use a reputable SEO company.

We recommend High Converting Landing Page Web Design as most of you are getting a website because you want to generate business from your website.

Many of our website's layouts might look the same, but it is a layout that we know works in converting visitors to business. Architecture, Layout and overall Look and Feel of a website all contributes to the success of a site. You might have an awesome looking website, extremely modern, very unique and everyone gives you compliments on your trendy website design, but is your design the best for conversions?

It is something completely different if you say but the website will not focus solely on generating sales, but more brand building, then we will certainly recommend that we design something fresh and very trendy.

You, Me and all other users online has become lazy in reading, so all of us, when we search for a specific product or services, we just Scan the Page. We run our eyes through the website, looking at Images and Keywords related to the product or service we require. There needs to be a funnel though, where we direct the clients eyes and attention to take action if they have identified the relevant keywords and images.
There needs to be a call to action!

Great, you've shown them a picture of your product or service, you've given them the words that tell them your story, NOW they need to take action. Many case studies show that an arrow or any other pointing devices to a Button or Contact Form requesting the client to take action in to "Phone Us", "Email Us", "Get a Quote", "Complete the form and our friendly consultants will contact you" gives up to a 50% increase in conversions.

High Converting Landing Pages are not always that attractive, but they are EFFECTIVE!

If you want Leads from your marketing efforts, use us for your High Converting Landing Page Web Design.

Ok Great, your website is up-and-running and now we need to get your business growing.

Online Marketing is the most cost effective marketing you will ever do for your business.

Yes it is true that there are millions of internet users, but remember that not all of them is interested in your business.

The key is to find the users that want your product or service and ensure that we get your business in front of their eyes.

So where do you hangout online?

  • Do you Search for Businesses on Google, Yahoo, Bing?
  • Do you Socialise on Facebook?
  • Do you watch videos on Youtube?
  • Do you Browse Gumtree for New or Used Products/Services?

Above are some of the platforms you want to present your business on.

On Google you can be Found

  • Top 4 Ad Positions (Google Adwords)
  • Maps Listing (Google My Business)
  • Organic Rankings (Google SEO)

On Facebook you can Target Users that shows interest in your Product or Service.

On Youtube you can have Text Ads or even Video Ads shown when someone watches a video related to your Product or Service.

The Internet offers endless opportunities to promote your business online.

The key is

  • Targeted Advertising
  • Analyse Stats
  • Measure your ROI

So where do we start?


Because most users go to Google to search for a specific Product or Service with the intent to browse or buy.

We submit your Website to Google to ensure that they index your site.

Indexing only means that your site is now in the engine, but does NOT mean your site will be found on Google..

We also submit your site to Google My Business, which is a listing on Google Maps so that your site can be found for Local Search Terms.

Google Ads allows us to get your Business found on the 1st Page of Google in the Top 4 Positions for specific keywords related to your Product/Service.


The process of optimizing your website for the keywords users use to search for your product/service, but more importantly, the specific search terms they use that is providing you with leads and most importantly Sales.

These search terms can be found within your Adwords Campaign, making the optimization process targeted and not a guessing game.


Conversation marketing is huge at the moment. The opportunity to engage and socialise with potential clients. To discuss your product or service in a more relaxed environment.

Remember that Online Marketing allows us to Track each and every cent you spend on Advertising, so we can accurately Analyze your ROI.

If you want to Grow to the next level and market your business online, do not hesitate to contact us for a strategy discussion.

Here's what we do
for your Business

Web Design Company Strategy


Let’s develop a holistic 360° multi-channel digital strategy with a results-driven action plan

Web Design Services

Website Design

Choose from a variety of stunning website design packages suited for your business

Google Adwords PPC

Google Ads

Conversions through adwords campaigns and improve your visibility

SEO Plan


Optimize the quality and quantity of your organic traffic through search engine rankings

Social Media Plan

Social Media

Build your following and engage with your audience on Facebook. build, engage, convert

Analytics Plan


Drive results through accurate reporting & analysis. Implement, analyze, optimize, repeat


Some of our Designs

website design services
Airport Shuttle Cape Town
web design services
Offers a large variety of Tours & Shuttle Services
monthly web design
The Ultimate Ocean Experience
business website design
Life Consultancy, Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking
Pavona Beauty Salon
Treatments that awakens and balances inner and outer beauty
web design company
Art Department & Production Design
web development
Boat Builders, Suzuki Outboard Motors & Bakkie Canopies
Intelligence Web Design
Investigative, Intelligence and Forensic Services
website design company
Music Performance & Production

Web Design Experts


Web Partner is the best and most affordable web design company. Our team consists of professional website designers and passionate digital marketing specialists who strive to provide our clients award winning web design solutions that drive real results. Our services and clients stretches nationally, from Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, through to Bloemfontein, East London, all the way down to Cape Town. Our team has extensive knowledge in all aspects of website design, hosting, domain registrations & transfers, website maintenance, graphic design, software and app development.

We also have a team of digital marketing experts to assist clients to grow their business with services ranging from SEO, Social Media Marketing and Google Adwords. Our marketing and website designers work together to provide you with a holistic solution that’s results driven.  

We offer a variety of website design and digital marketing packages that’s tailored to suit your specific business needs. Whether you have a small business that requires a web presence, or whether you need a more customized ecommerce shopping cart solution, our specialized team will work closely with you towards a strategic solution to enhance your brand.

As we all know, things change quickly and without much notice. Our commitment to stay ahead of a constantly changing industry drives us to continue to develop and enhance our skills and knowledge with regular training and development of our teams to stay up to date with the latest web design and digital trends. With more than 10 000 completed projects by 30+ skilled and creative digital specialists, you can rest assured that you’re working with leading industry specialists.

Considering these website design trends, we’ve seen many designers implementing new scrolling effects, animated designs and over aggressive modern features. Designers tend to move away from flashy and complicated designs to more simple design layouts, with well used typography and navigation, specifically designed for a friendly mobile navigational experience. Often the simplified solution is the most efficient one, improving user experience and higher conversion rates with targeted messaging and a clear path to success. Our goal is not to move away from current trends, but to continue to think outside the box to create website designs that are innovative, creative and unique.

We are obsessed with creating a memorable and friendly user experience for our clients’ businesses. Whether we create an ecommerce website, showcasing multiple product offerings in the most simplified way, or whether you need a high converting site which can be used as an aggressive digital marketing tool to drive visitors to sales, we understand that every user interaction should be meaningful and as easy as possible.

Let us partner with you to offer professional website design packages, holistic marketing strategies and up-to-date trends and analysis. Do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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We partner with the most respected industry players in web design trends and technology. Through these partnerships we are able to strengthen our product packages, pricing and service delivery.

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Our Partners

For us to remain ahead of the game we partner with the best players who are the industry trend setters and developers of the best technology solutions for business. Through our partnerships we are able to strengthen our offers, deliver the best service and provide better pricing to our clients.

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