Website Maintenance Costs

One of the most common misperceptions in web design is that once completed, your website will not require any further maintenance.

This can come from a lack of industry knowledge or being ill-advised by design companies or freelancers who fail to communicate the importance of maintaining a website and website maintenance costs in advance.

Before we dive into cost, lets look at what website maintenance entails:

Updates and changes
Depending on the product or service you offer, you may require regular updates or changes; which can include contact details, an address (businesses with more than one location may require additional branches to be added), images or content that needs to be changed or updated. This may also include expansion of your product or service offering.

Testing and improvements
Content Management Systems like Joomla and WordPress offer thousands of different features and functionalities to ensure your website does what you need it to do.

And these generally need to be tested or improvements to perform as it should. This is usually the case when plugins need to be updated or new functions and features are launched.

Backups and monitoring
When you fail to do regular backups and monitoring of your website content, you risk losing all your data, which may result in having to start from scratch.

While some may find no issue implementing these changes themselves ( depending on the complexity of the task). Others who aren’t well-versed in web design or simply don’t have the time to tackle the task may need some assistance with such changes.

Website maintenance costs:
Because every website is different; in terms of its offering, functionality and features, it is difficult to put a fixed cost to website maintenance. Depending on how much work a website may require, design companies or freelancers will generally quote on the scope of the project, or charge a fixed monthly hourly rate.

What are our website maintenance costs?
We don’t believe in charging our clients exorbitant fees, so when you sign up for any of our packages, we include 1 hour free monthly maintenance for any updates or changes you require.

If you’re looking for maintenance only, we have package options from as little as R299 an hour, once-off or monthly.

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