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We understand 100% how important Google can be to some business.

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Why Google?

People go to Google Search with intent. I am looking for…….

The fact is that there are many of us that use Google to find a product or service. Yes, sometimes we are just window shopping and browsing, but I was searching for something specific. Not like Social Media, Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok, where i see random products and services, not always something that i’m interested in. 

I want to be found!

If someone is going to search for my product or service, I want to be found. They were searching for………

This is why Google is so important in any Marketing Strategy. There is actual intent from someone searching for my product/service. They want it, they are searching for it.

Not like Social where you present your business to people that might not be interested in it.

3 x Ways to be Found: Google Ads, SEO, Google my Business

No one scrolls to the bottom. There are 1000’s of results for any search term and you dont want your website to be found on Page 2.

So you can either…

  • SEO: Optimize your website for specific keywords (search terms) that users will use to search for you or
  • PPC: Google Ads, Pay per Click for the keywords
  • GMB: Google my Business. Your Business is shown on Google Maps

We highly recommend ALL 3. You want to optimize your website, to be found organically and you want to be at the top in Paid Ads & Google my business.

This shows Authority. You are now found 3 times at the top of the results.


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