How much does it cost to Create and Maintain a Website

The cost these days to simply design a website might shoot through the roof,
or there might be a company that offers you a web design at a reasonable price.
A company, like ours, we offer a monthly service where the maintenance to your
website is free for an hour each and ever month, after that, we start the

So, where do we start when we are looking for the exact cost to design and
maintain a website? Break it down, start at the cost of the website design, your
platform, your requirements, the layout and from there, depending on the service
you provide or the product you want to sell, the maintenance cost can be

Unfortunately websites do not maintain themselves, the best web design strategy
is to change and update all the time, keep up to date with the trends and with
what’s new. There are some companies that might forget to budget when it comes
to maintenance cost but this is because they think they will be able to maintain
and update their own website. This is possible, depending on the platform on
which your website has been designed on, and offcourse your own skills.

The cost of a proper website and it being designed to your exact requirements
could become pricey and at the end of the day you still run the risk of not
being completely satisfied even after you have put in an entire days work with
your designer.

After our website has gone live and is fully functional with the added bonus of
it being mobile friendly as well, it is possible that the maintenance costs to
your site could be significantly lower than you imaged. Its done, its complete,
its live and it is exactly the way you want it to be and to look.

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