Google+ vs Facebook

All we ever talk about, when it comes to posting, sharing, and liking
something is Facebook. We immediately go online to load our latest selfie or
pictures of food, outings or whatever the case may be, what ever we are doing we
go to Facebook first.

Facebook has all the people you know and love, it’s the best way to stay in
touch these days, some might even say its replacing emailing as a form of
communication when expecting or needing an immediate response. With Facebook you
are constantly in contact with everyone and what they are doing, you don’t miss
out on anything.

Google Plus, otherwise known as Google+ or G+ is also a very popular social
media network, especially when you want to meet new people and create or enter
new circles, as they would say in Google plus terms. Google plus might lack of
known friends but it makes up in connecting you with people with similar

Another topic that has risen regarding Google plus is the fact the users find it
confusing when creating an account and how to make use of the G+ “services”.
There are too many “must-have’s” and “to-do’s” when it comes to Google plus for
example, you can not comment on a youtube video without having a Google plus

At the end of the day, users want to use social media with ease and comfort and
it sounds like Google might be making it a bit more challenging than Facebook.
My personal opinion, Google Plus vs Facebook – I would choose Facebook every


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