Google Adwords

What is Adwords? How does it work? Is it expensive? How do I start? Do I need
it for my business? These are questions that are frequently asked and probably
amongst the most important as well. For the very best way to get your business
found by a certain target market with a specific set of keywords, getting an
Adwords campaign is the way to go.

Google Adwords is an advertising service offered by Google to businesses all
around the world wanting to display their services, products and information on
Google and its advertising network. The ad service is almost mainly focused on
specific keywords, and you only pay for the ads once someone clicks on it.

How much does an Adwords Campaign cost? The most common and equally frustrating
answer to that question is “it depends”. How much you spend or invest in your
Adwords Campaign is really up to you. Many businesses start off with a budget of
R60 – R120 a day and that’s a good start, but begin with a budget that you are
comfortable with and adjust as you go along.

In conclusion, an Adwords campaign is vital to the growth of your business. One
of the best ways to get visitors and traffic to your site is through an Adwords

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