13 things turning 20 in 2020

2000 – the year when boy bands reigned supreme, tie-dye and tube tops were fashionable and computer viruses caused widespread panic. Two decades later, and what a momentous time to look back at.

Let’s take a look at some of the things turning 20 in 2020.

The world’s first camera phone was released
It’s hard to imagine a world without the device that allows us to capture every moment of our lives. From selfies, to cute pets or cringeworthy throwbacks. Although camera phones are common today, it wasn’t 20 years ago.

In 2000, the first commercially available cellphone was released and was essentially the start of what is known as MMS today. The J-SH04 was said to have a mere 0.1-megapixel resolution.

Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft
A prolific entrepreneur who achieved great success from a young age, Bill Gates is widely known as one half of the brains behind the Microsoft Corporation and for his philanthropic endeavours.

Microsoft is the tech titan founded in 1975 that developed the many software programs used today and helped Gates gain his billionaire status. After many years as both CEO and chairman, the year 2000 saw Bill Gates step away from his CEO position at Microsoft, while remaining chairman.

The dot.com bubble burst
2000 seemed to have been the year that kept giving, both good and bad. The dot.com bubble, also known as the internet bubble, was the rapid rise and fall of internet stock prices that ultimately led to a massive crash in the stock market in 2000.

Sony PS2 was released
The PlayStation experience was every child’s dream in the 2000’s. Following its launch in 2000, the PS2 offered an experience players wouldn’t easily forget. And it quickly became the highest selling and most played console in gaming history.

The final original comic strip of Peanuts was released
Peanuts was a long-running comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz in 1950 released its 17 897th strip on 13 February 2000, one day after Schulz passed.

X-Men was released and paved a path for Superhero Movies
Notably the movie that paved the path for all other Superhero Movies that followed, X-Men premiered in July 2000 and starred Hugh Jackman. The film was a huge success and received raving reviews. Following its success, there were many sequels and spin-offs that have since featured numerous A-listers.

Friends was the most popular sitcom
Who can forget the hit series, Friends that starred many famous faces, including Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Bruce Willis and Tom Selleck to name a few. The popularity of the show led to the “Rachel haircut” being the go-to hairstyle.

The sims was released
Simulation game lovers will agree that the release of The Sims in 2000 was the kick-off for all simulation games thereafter.

The Nokia 3310 was the best-selling phone
Before all the fancy smartphones existed, the Nokia 3310 and its relative, the 3390 were the cool kids on the block. Millions were sold worldwide, and it became one of the most iconic phones to have existed.

Razor scooters were the most popular toy
The way of life in the 2000’s compared to 2020 are worlds apart. Back then, outside play outweighed a cellphone or video games. And every child either owned or wanted a razor scooter.

Fun fact: Not only was it named toy of the year, but sales skyrocketed, with more than 5 million scooters purchased in the first 6 month of launching.

The millennium bug didn’t bite
December 31st, 1999 will not easily be forgotten. As everyone awaited to ring in the year 2000, it was feared that computers might interpret 00 as 1900 and not 2000.

Napster made headlines in the music industry
Today it’s quite easy for us to download, watch or share videos and music. But back in 2000, the hundreds of sites we can access today did not exist. Napster made a name for themselves when they allowed music enthusiasts to illegally download MP3 copies of records.

Survivor debuted
When you’re granted the opportunity to compete for 1 million dollars, stepping into the unknown with complete strangers is a challenge worth the try. Since its debut, Survivor went on to bag several Emmy Awards and is considered one of the best shows of the 2000’s.

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