Why Google Plus is an asset to your business

Although Google Plus (Google+ or G+) is a social media network, keep in mind
that it is nothing like Facebook. With Facebook, you are connected to friends
and family and friends of friends, so it really is one big circle of friends,
where as Google + allows you to create new circles with people that share the
same interests as you , making new friends and potentially adding new customers
to your client base.

Google Plus is a major asset to your business as once you have created your
profile and business page you are on Google Local as well. This means that when
users search for your service or products, your establishment will show up on
their search results.

Here are a few reasons why Google Plus is an asset to your business .

It is relatively easy to connect to potential clients and influencers. It can
almost be said that Google Plus is a more serious social network than others.
Believe it or not but by having a gmail account (which by the way is the worlds
largest email service) you are automatically set up on Google Plus. All you need
to do is complete your online profile and build from there.
Using Google Plus really can improve your SEO. Your posts are indexed by Google
and will appear in Google’s search results.
Google Plus has grown to be the world’s second largest social network in the
world. All though it might not be used by as many people as those on Facebook,
but sooner or later it will be part of everyone’s lives.
With your Google Plus account you will have access to so many platforms,
including You Tube, Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Communities and more. These
recourses were created to optimize your marketing strategy and to take your
brand further online.
At the end of the day, using social media for any type of marketing is a great
tool, but Google Plus is the network you need to consider if you are serious
about growing your business online.

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