Monthly Website Design Packages

Monthly Website Design Packages allows our clients to experience an excellent
continuous service delivery. Compared to other web design companies offering
their design services once-off, where you do not receive on-going support and

Unfortunately many of our competitor design companies requests a deposit before
they even proceed with the web design leaving you committed to a project without
knowing the outcome and when you will actually receive the website. More
importantly, once they do offer the final product and it is not to your
requirements, some will even charge for changes to be made. While some companies
might give you the website as per your requirement, they will charge you an arm
and a leg once you want to make small updates to the site. The majority of our
competitors are looking for once-off business, design your website, get their
payment and be done with it, leaving you out there alone. After more than 10
years in the web design industry, we’ve seen and heard it all and it is for this
reason that we are offering our clients a peace of mind monthly web design

Our Monthly Web Design Package allows our clients to get a professional website
up-and-running as per their requirements, without paying any monies upfront, 1hr
monthly maintenance, hosting, email support and much more.

Because our service is offered monthly we cannot for one moment drop our service
level to anything below exceptional as this will result in us losing our

Let us become your web partner and offer you the best monthly website design
packages the internet has to offer.


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