How important is a Website

How important is a Website for any business, no matter the industry or target
market? We hear it all the time where "John" a business owner will say, I dont
need a website as I have always relied on Word of Mouth.

Thats great, but here are 3 Main Benefits to having a Website

1. Some of your potential word of mouth clients will search for you online and
if they dont find your website, you will lose credibility and find your
competitor’s website.

2. Digital Communication costs are WAY lower than any print material as it not
only allows you to target your marketing material faster to more people, but
also allows keeping your material fresh, current and up-to-date.

3. A website can be used for marketing or just to showcase your products or
services, but overall a company with a website has a lot more credibility.

To rely on Word of Mouth marketing, you need customers that find your business
credible, a website will give you that credibility.

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