2020: Lets Recap!

While our optimism and hope for a better 2021 runs high, we are still trying to wrap our head around the year that would go down in history as the plot twist no one saw coming.

Lets be honest, the pandemic (in some way) still feels like a dark cloud lingering over us, but, our positive spirits have been restored and we are stepping into this year with our heads held high. And, we are giving ourselves a pat on the back for surviving 2020, and so should you!

But before we rush to hit the reset button, lets take a look at what 2020 had to offer (other than a virus, of course).


In 2014 we launched with a small team and big dreams. Six years later, and we can proudly say we’ve made our mark as one of South Africa’s best web design agencies.

We are now a team of 30 with talent spanning across web design, google ads, SEO and social media.

We’ve also designed over 10 000 websites and have pocketed many happy, satisfied and loyal clients that we are truly thankful for.

Bonus: we’ve met some amazing and interesting people along the way.

TIKTOK takes centre stage

Oh TikTok, you’ve quite literally, changed the world. The humour and entertainment that the short-format video platform provided was exactly what we needed during a chaotic and controversial time.

But that’s not all – not only did TikTok claim the spot of most downloaded app in 2020, but it levelled status with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp when it became the fastest platform to reach over a billion downloads.

And while it may be the platform most popular with “Gen Z”, it was a hit with all ages during lockdown.


With schools being forced to close, students, teachers and parents had to adapt to a new reality of learning: online education.

But this wasn’t the reality for all. For some, the digital divide made it difficult for them to be connected and to participate in e-learning.

Many considered the year a write-off, but all in all, it is said that students adapted well to the change and managed to progress rather than regress.

The ZOOM boom

Who would’ve thought that our work and personal lives would intertwine and unfold via a video-conferencing app?

The app came in handy for work and classroom meetings, and was also deemed the hubspot for social gatherings, parties and even date nights.

Thanks to Zoom we were able to feel a little less isolated and a bit more connected, even if it were from a distance.


They say you need to be where your customers are, and online is exactly where the vast majority of us found ourselves during lockdown.

Prior to lockdown, e-commerce was already on the rise, but 2020 saw customers shopping with far more intent. With more and more purchases being made, there was a ripple effect on the courier services.

Despite it being a trainwreck of a year, with lots of lessons and challenges, there were also eye opening moments and moments of opportunity that we’re thankful for.

We wish you all the best for 2021. Remember, believe in yourself and be kind!

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