Marketing your Business Online

Ok Great, your website is up-and-running and now we need to get your business

Online Marketing is the most cost effective marketing you will ever do for
your business.

Yes it is true that there are millions of internet users, but remember that
not all of them is interested in your business.

The key is to find the users that want your product or service and ensure
that we get your business in front of their eyes.

So where do you hangout online?

  • Do you Search for Businesses on Google, Yahoo, Bing?
  • Do you Socialise on Facebook?
  • Do you watch videos on Youtube?
  • Do you Browse Gumtree for New or Used Products/Services?

Above are some of the platforms you want to present your business on.

On Google you can be Found

  • Top 4 Ad Positions (Google Adwords)
  • Maps Listing (Google My Business)
  • Organic Rankings (Google SEO)

On Facebook you can Target Users that shows interest in your Product or

On Youtube you can have Text Ads or even Video Ads shown when someone watches
a video related to your Product or Service.

The Internet offers endless opportunities to promote your business online.

The key is

  • Targeted Advertising
  • Analyse Stats
  • Measure your ROI

So where do we start?


Because most users go to Google to search for a specific Product or Service
with the intent to browse or buy.

We submit your Website to Google to ensure that they index your site.

Indexing only means that your site is now in the engine, but does NOT mean
your site will be found on Google..

We also submit your site to Google My Business, which is a listing on Google
Maps so that your site can be found for Local Search Terms.

Google Ads allows us to get your Business found on the 1st Page of Google in
the Top 4 Positions for specific keywords related to your Product/Service.


The process of optimizing your website for the keywords users use to search
for your product/service, but more importantly, the specific search terms they
use that is providing you with leads and most importantly Sales.

These search terms can be found within your Adwords Campaign, making the
optimization process targeted and not a guessing game.


Conversation marketing is huge at the moment. The opportunity to engage and
socialise with potential clients. To discuss your product or service in a more
relaxed environment.

Remember that Online Marketing allows us to Track each and every cent you
spend on Advertising, so we can accurately Analyze your ROI.

If you want to Grow to the next level and market your business online, do not
hesitate to contact us for a strategy discussion.

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