Web Packages for Small Business

The fact is that many small businesses and startups like any other business, require a website but can’t afford large once-off fees. This is why we have tailored website design packages for small business allowing them to pay an affordable monthly fee instead of a large lump sum.

Our small business web design packages is only R499 per month, which includes all the features any small business website requires.

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We not only have monthly web design packages, but also monthly SEO Services, Social Media Management, Google Adwords and other Pay per Click, Graphic Design Packages and even Shopping Cart Design Packages.

Website design packages for small business is sometimes very cheap and does not include all the strategic thinking or custom design required for each business.

Very often these packages are template based and one template fits all, does not work in today’s competitive market, where individual branding is of utmost importance.

Our packages are Custom designed, premium and professional for each individual client.

With our Small Business Marketing Package addons, we can ensure that we take your business to the next level.

If you require affordable small business website packages, then please contact us as we would love to assist you.

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