Adwords vs SEO

One of the Questions that we regularly get is,

What is the difference between
Google Adwords: PPC – Pay per ClickVSOrganic: SEO – Search Engine Optimization?
Below is an Overview explained in Basic Terms

Google Adwords

Short Term

Google Adwords allows your Business to be found on the 1st Page in the Top
Results for specific search keywords related to your Products or Services.

Any New Business can now get their Word out there and get targeted visitors to
their website immediately.

Cost is per Click – So only if a user use the search term related to your
product or service and only if they click on your Ad, you pay for that click.

The cost of the click depends on how many other of your competitors are also

Advantage – You can boost your business with targeted visitors searching for
your product or service immediately.

Disadvantage – Your website will not be found if you do not advertise.

SEO Organics

Long Term

SEO done the right way, is a long term process of optimizing your website for
the specific targeted keywords users use to search for your product or service.

It is not an immediate solution to getting targeted visitors to your site.

The timeframe for achieving 1st page organic rankings in Google will depend on
how many other competitors there are for your targeted keywords. Some websites
can see SEO Results with 1st Page rankings within 3 Months, while others that
are more competitive can take 6 – 12 months.

Also note that yourself as like many others only click on the top results and
not that many on the bottom results, so getting 1st page rankings is great, but
top positions are much better.

Advantage – Your investment in SEO will still give you daily targeted traffic in
the future.

Disadvantage – It is a long term process, long term investment that will only
give you results in the future.

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