High Converting Landing Pages

A landing page is, in short, any page a user lands on that allows you the opportunity to present an offer, get their details to make contact and convert them into a paying client.

Sounds fairly simple. Some text, a call to action and visuals or a video should do the trick, right? Not really. Unless you have high converting landing pages, you’re wasting your time and potentially money too.

So, what’s the big deal with high converting landing pages?

Its benefits

User experience:
When you’re looking to sell to prospects, it’s more about them and less about you. You want to simplify the process for them by making sure they don’t navigate through many pages before “landing” where they need or want to.

A high converting landing page needs to follow SEO best practices by strongly focusing on the user experience. When it ranks for the correct keywords and is relevant to the users’ interests, it’ll improve overall ranking in search engines and offers a better return on investment.

Advertising cost:
In order for us to achieve our marketing goals; be it brand awareness or generating more leads, there’s usually a cost involved. When your landing pages are high converting, you can significantly reduce that cost and increase your conversion rate.

What does a high converting landing page include?

  • A strong headline and sub-headline that encourages users to take action.
  • A minimum of 3 call to actions (an email address, contact number and contact form)

Make it great

  • Do A/B testing (highly recommended) to determine which one will perform better and essentially offer a greater return on investment.
  • Includes images or videos that are relevant and helps relay your message. (note: do make sure they don’t negatively impact the page loading speed).
  • Copy that is concise (clearly conveys what you’re offering)

Think of high converting landing pages as a shop. Clearly marked aisles make it easier for the user to land where they need to. The headline “on sale” with sub-text “buy one, get one free” and images relevant to the product entices, and “valid until tomorrow only” further encourages the shopper to take action.

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