So Much for So Little

Can you really get a website for R299 per month?
Your website is one of the most important elements of your business and there is
nothing worse than a bad website. The biggest challenge for many companies is
that websites, especially good websites cost money.
Cash flow is often a driving factor behind any website that is developed for a
business and budgets are often tight. Very often, when a website is envisioned
it has all the bells and whistles but the end result has to become a watered
down version because of the costs involved. By watering down the website the
balance between functionality and design has to alter and where you win on one
you may lose on the other. Overall the price of a website matters and of course
everyone says “we’ll add that later” but invariably it never happens. So how is
this overcome?

Enter Web Partner
In 2014, Brian le Roux and a team of outstanding web designers saw a huge gap in
the South African website market. There were, and still are, cheap web design
companies and expensive ones and each has their place. However, no one was
addressing the demand for a superb website at a really affordable price,
especially in the extensive small to medium sized business market in South
Africa. The smaller end of the business market demands a lot of bang for their
buck and with websites, they really had very little choice; they either had to
spend big and get something amazing or spend small and hope for the best. There
had to be a way to level the playing field and deliver a great website in an
affordable manner.
Web Partner recognised the uneven playing field and with a team of expert
designers and some innovative thinkers, they came up with the most revolutionary
approach to market. The concept was to design and build websites that pack a
punch for just R299 per month with no catches. It was a high risk strategy that
could see solid, sustainable long term rewards provided an outstanding product
was delivered.

Small Bucks Big Bang
The experienced Web Partner Team knew how to build superb websites; they had the
expertise, the creativity and the passion. Bringing all this together to produce
websites for just R299 per month seemed like a challenge and for an ordinary
thinking company it would be impossible.

Web Partner took the cost out of building a website and changed their way of
thinking. The goal soon became to simply build the absolute best website and
keep the customer happy at all costs. A mechanism for creating a superb website
that could easily cost upwards of R10,000 and delivering it for just R299 per
month was implemented.

Today, 4 years after the R299 per month concept was conceived and implemented,
Web Partner has produced some of the most functional and stunning looking
websites in South Africa with some well-known companies on the client list. Some
of the websites look as if they cost well over R25,000 and when Web Partner
Clients get asked how they can afford such a website the answer is so impossible
that few believe it. Web Partner has quite literally changed the way clever
companies build and host their websites.

The Facts about a Web Partner
The facts speak for themselves when it comes to the amazing R299 per month
website. Web Partner has taken 30 of the very best Web Development and Design
people in South Africa and moulded them into a website building power house. The
company has grown by over 100% in the last 12 months. Web Partner now has more than 10 000
happy customers and this number is growing daily.

Web Partner has capacity to take on more websites and always deliver a lot of
bang for your bucks. Additional once off services add to the value of the site
and these minimal costs allow for the R299 per month fee to be maintained across
all sites. Additional items such as shopping carts, logo design, facebook
marketing, google advertising and even professional copy writing all come
together to allow you to afford a website that your rivals will be jealous of
for just R299 per month.

It all seems impossible to believe. Many ask “just how do I get a website that
is worth thousands of Rands, for just R299 per
The answer is simple. Web Partner has a long term vision when it comes to
business relationships and focuses solely on delivering 100% customer
satisfaction that includes a website that exceeds all expectations. This change
of view has made Web Partner the largest and fastest growing website design
company in Africa and for just R299 per month on a month to month basis you can
become part of their success.

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