5 Signs your Web is Boring

A website has become a necessity for almost every business and people love
websites that are not boring. The subject matter of you website could be
anything from Algebra to Zoology, and if it is exciting, you can expect a lot of
traffic. If your website is not exciting and appealing, you are easily loosing
traffic, and in turn, possible clients and a lot of business that was meant to
come your way.

But how can you tell if your website is boring?
Even accounting websites can be interesting, and as we all know, accountants can
be some of the most boring people, but their websites are attractive, exciting
and appealing.

There are 5 signs that your website is boring

Your Website is boring because it only has a landing page
Landing pages are valuable when it comes to online and content marketing but if
your website is just a single page, that’s when it becomes boring. A single page
website is a great start for a website, but to engage your audience, to allow
them into your business and become more involved with them, you will need more
than one page and you will need a lot more content.
There is a trend for a similar type of website, it’s just like having a single
page, but it scrolls down, it can easily be referred to as a scroller website.
These websites are popular but are actually a seamless string of web pages
placed in a logical order. One of the most popular reasons for a single page web
design or a scroller, is because of the way visitors view it, it is the easiest
and most mobile friendly way to view a website.

Your website is boring because it has too few images and too much text
Modern websites are driven by images, this is a fact, we are visual creatures
and we thrive on what we see, rather than what we read. A website becomes boring
and unappealing when the text over-shadows the images. Image quality is just as
important as the quality of your content, they have to compliment each other in
both quantity and quality. A good quality image is far better than reading 3-5

Your website is boring if it takes a lifetime to load
We live in a world of instant gratification, meaning, we want things fast and
now. Many websites are poorly optimised and images can really weigh a website
down. Bad planning, poor website development and design is often the cause of a
site not properly loading (then again, who is your service provider) .

Your website is boring because you have outdated content
Your content needs to mater and it has to be relevant and on point! People come
to your website for a reason, they are looking for something to buy, or to make
use of your services, that is why your content has to be up to date and
relevant. Content is King …

Your website is boring when it has a high bounce rate
The percentage of visitors coming to your landing page and immediately leave
without engaging in your content or even bothering to fill out the form with
their details is a clear indication of what a boring website is. This means,
your home page has to stand out from all the rest, it has to be the page that
keeps the visitor intrigued and leave them wanting to go to the next page and
the next.

How do you fix a boring website?
A professional website design company is all you need, a company that is on
trend with modern and dynamic designs, offering great service and customer care,
making them feel like they are number 1.
You need a professional, but it never hurts to get some insight as well, do your
own research and play with keywords such as, modern website designs, trending
website designs, website design trends for 2019, and exciting web design. Add
your field or industry in and maybe a few play words like, funky, clean, fresh

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