5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Web Designer

Getting a professional website is one of the most significant steps an entrepreneur will take along their business journey. It will either have you as excited as a kid who just walked into a candy store or stressing like it’s nobody’s business.

Because web designers play such an important role in a company’s “bigger picture”, a website is as big of a deal to them as it is for the client. And like any “solid relationship”, a designer and a client have to be a good fit for one another.

Of course, there’s no telling just how well the relationship with your designer will work out. But here are 5 questions you can ask your potential web designer to establish if they’ll be a good enough fit for you.

1. Can I see your portfolio?

Asking to see a designer’s work is a perfectly normal request, and a question we’d definitely suggest asking. While some designers, for whatever reason, don’t publicly display their portfolio, a good and confident designer would be more than happy to share their work with you.

A designer’s portfolio will give you a good indication of what their design capabilities are, and if their style (look and feel) ties in with what you’re looking for in your potential designer.

2. What is your design process?

The differences between web designers vary from price all the way through to their level of expertise and design style. However, most web designers (the experienced ones anyway) will have a process they find works for them.
If a designer can’t brief you on their design process, you’re better off seeking a better suitor. Don’t be afraid to ask a designer as many questions as you’d like – it’s better to have most, or all of the answers than none at all.

Top tip:

  • Ask what the beginning to end process is.
  • Find out when you can expect the first draft, and how soon after changes you need implemented will you be presented with the final and finished product.
  • Ask if there’s any fee applicable for revisions.
  • 3. Reviews and testimonials

    You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you can make a call on whether it’ll be worth it based on what others are saying about it.

    A designer knows that good feedback from previous clients will only count in their favour and adds to their credibility.

    For you, as the client, there’ll be some relief about their legitimacy and reliability, which will make you feel a bite more at ease with the potential web designer.

    4. Do you offer website maintenance post-design?

    Every website will need to be maintained. Whether this is in the form of updates and changes occasionally, or ongoing maintenance. Sadly, not all designers clarify this upfront, so it’s best that you ask.

    The extent of maintenance and the cost thereof will be different for every designer. Some may offer monthly maintenance packages at a fixed rate, while others could charge you an hourly fee for ad-hoc updates and maintenance.

    Obviously, the type of website will determine how much maintenance you’ll need, which would also need to be taken into account when weighing up all options.

    5. What additional costs do I need to factor in?

    In some cases, a web designer or web design company’s responsibility doesn’t extend beyond the design of the website itself. So, your website hosting, emails and support would be an extra cost that needs to be taken into consideration if it’s not included in the price.

    When you and your potential web designer are on the same page, your project is far more likely to run smoother, and you’ll enjoy the process much more.

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