6 Ways to Advertise with Google

Google has been no stranger to scrutiny or skeptics who wonder whether Google ads are worth it. But business has evolved, and competition has steadily increased. And the law of the 21st century is simple – for a business to make money, they need to spend money.

Google ads have proven to be a cost-effective form of advertising that allows you to reach your intended target audience.

Below we delve into 6 different ways to advertise with Google.

Search Ads
Search ads are text-based ads that appear above or below organic searches on the Google search engine results page. They are easily identifiable by the “ad” text displayed next to a web address, as indicated below. Search ads allow you to target people specifically looking for your product or service and helps drive targeted traffic to your website.

Display Ads
Google’s Display Network helps you showcase your ads on third-party websites based on user behaviour, interests and more importantly, the context of the website it is being displayed on. Display ads can come in the form of text, static banners, or animated banners and, unlike search ads that are keyword driven, display targets a higher bracket of users to help build brand awareness.

YouTube Ads
Anyone who has ever watched a YouTube video has fallen prey to the ads that pop up before or during the video, or the text ads that display when watching a video.

As a Google owned search engine that accounts for almost one third of internet users and is the second largest search engine, YouTube ads allow you to target audiences according to the specific search terms people are searching for.

Shopping Ads
Google shopping ads are the product listing ads we see at the top of search engines that allows advertisers to showcase their products.

These ads include: all relevant product information, images, pricing, and product reviews.

Gmail Ads
Gmail is a product owned by Google that grants businesses the opportunity to advertise to targeted audiences. In comparison to other ad placements, the cost to advertise is lower, as is the competition and it’s an ideal option to help create brand awareness.

Local search
Local search, also known as Google My Business or your Google Business Listing is a product that allows you to highlight more information about your business, including trading hours and address. Through local extensions and location targeting, brands can reach nearby searchers.

To determine which of the 6 methods will be best suit you, there’s some factors that need to be taken into account:

Target audience

  • Consider where your audience is likely to take action.
  • Your budget

  • A limited budget will require focus on more targeted options like search advertising or remarketing. If you have a limited budget, you need to focus on more targeted options like search advertising or remarketing.
  • If you have a bigger budget and wish to reach a broader audience, your marketing mix can consist of search ads, remarketing, Gmail, Display and YouTube ads.
  • For e-commerce websites, shopping ads would be your best option.
  • Your goals

  • If the goal is to generate leads, search and search partners will be the best suited option.
  • For brand awareness, Display and YouTube ads will offer a good return on investment.
  • Google is a results-driven platform that will allow you to generate leads, sales and drive targeted traffic to your website. But for you to leverage from the opportunities that Google has to offer, it’s important for to have a good understanding of how each of these options work.

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