7 Graphic Design Trends in 2020

We live in a world that is as visual focused as it is tech-driven and with 2020 marking a new decade, design trends are expected to peak even higher than before.

The evolution of design has made designers an integral part of the world we live in. With their craft and creativity revolutionising all visual elements that forms part of our daily lives, designers have continued to hype us up. If the predicted 7 Graphic Design Trends in 2020 is anything to go by, we look forward to what’s to come in the years to come.


For some, the use of a single colour may seem boring. But this minimalistic trend has been on the rise in both graphic and web design. Its simplicity helps place emphasis on elements we wish to have stand out. If you’re aiming for a neat and professional look, a monochromatic colour scheme will achieve just that.

A touch of vintage

Being able to draw inspiration from an era where the tools designers have at their disposal today didn’t exist, makes us respect the design gods from the 50’s and 60’s. The 21st century differs vastly from the vintage era. These legends handed modern day designers the design baton, and we can expect to see elements of vintage to shine in 2020 to carry on the classic and timeless legacy.

Artistic typography

When lettering is combined with elements of art, it shows next level, innovative creativity. While plain text can be impactful, using both 2 and 3-dimensional shapes with it can better captivate an audiences’ attention in 2020.


Dimension in design brings a visual to life. Realistic effects in visuals have been making waves and continue to be a growing trend. We foresee designers pushing more boundaries with 3D in 2020.


Letter and image masking is achieved by applying a layering effect to images or text. This design technique gives an image a modern look and feel and makes specific features of the design pop. Although a trend we will see throughout graphics in 2020, masking has been used in web design too.


Not too long ago metals like gold, silver and rose gold became a craze in all things design. It’s sophisticated, elegant and classy effect it gives off makes your brand all the more attractive.

Incorporating metals and using it in conjunction with a variation of branding techniques, like embossing will make your brand look luxurious.

Bolder and brighter colours

Go bold or go home, not entirely how the saying goes but if you’re not prepared to experiment, your brand will fail to stand out from the crowd. Bright and bold colours pop, attracts attention, represents fun and makes you relatable. The advantage graphic designers have is grounds to be as experimental with big, bold and bright colours.

These graphic design trends in 2020 will become the benchmark for all foreseeable designs. Using these elements in isolation or combining them in both your website design or visuals will make your brand stand out in 2020.

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