Why Pay Monthly Web Design Packages?

Advantages of Paying Monthly

  • Domain Registration/Renewal Inclusive
  • Hosting Inclusive
  • Updates/Maintenance Inclusive
  • E-mails Inclusive
  • Support Inclusive

By now, the known value in having a website for your business is a no-brainer.

With options that includes a ridiculously expensive once-off fee and a fixed-term
contract, your enthusiasm for having a website has probably depleted by now.

We get it; whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a
while, there’s a constant hustle to bring in business. You have to take an
unpredictable and unstable economy into account, no two months will bring in the
same amount of business for you and with additional expenses to cover, paying a
large once-off fee or investing in a fixed contract can be risky.

Not to worry, there’s a third alternative that has a little light at the end
of the tunnel for you and your business. Monthly web design packages – what’s
the big deal and why should you pay for a monthly web design package? It’s bang
for your buck!

Unlike once-off fees that can be in the 1 000’s, the monthly design option is a
smaller investment that is both affordable and cost-effective.

A website is not a once-off task!

Like most things, it requires consistent
care. Be it in the form of ensuring it’s running safely and securely or
maintaining it on a monthly basis. Did you know, most times once-off packages do
NOT include the maintenance and/or updates and changes your site will require?
That’s right, these extra costs usually come at an additional hourly or once-off

If you have a website that requires constant maintenance and upkeep or
updates and you’re not tech savvy or capable of implementing these changes
yourself, the long-term cost will add up substantially. We reckon those additional
extras you’ll be paying for can be better invested in marketing and growing your

There’s more to a website than just the design, you have to factor in:

  • Domain registration
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • E-mail setup and support

With our monthly web design packages, we offer all of the above as well as a
design that is modern, functional, purpose-driven and trendy and will help get
your business on the map.

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