What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

The abbreviation, CMS stands for Content Management System. This specific
application allows for publishing, editing, modifying, organising, deleting and
lastly maintaining content. A content management system contributes to the
procedures of managing workflow in a collaborative setting.

It’s simpler and faster to go online and design your own website through wix or
wozaonline or any one of those do it yourself websites, you do it exactly the
way you want it, your design, your layout. But it won’t look professional. When
you don’t have time or your brain has taken a step back and you really have no
idea where to start when it comes to adding information/content to the website,
you can “take your time” and add the content at your own pace, the same goes for
removing information as well.

CMS platforms are mostly used for websites containing blogs, news or for
shopping sites. For corporate or marketing websites, CMSs are commonly used to
avoid the need for hand coding. The main function of a CMS website is to store
and organise files and to have access to their data. You as user would get log
in details enabling you to have access to these files and being able to update
or downgrade if and when necessary.

The greatest advantage of having a CMS website is the fact that your
organization will have complete control over their website without having to pay
excessive and recurring updates and maintenance fees to sites that require daily

Web developers spend a great deal of time ensuring the site is functional, easy
to navigate and clear to the user. A CMS website frees up the developers’ time
to focus on things like the front end of the website or administering new
features. A CMS allows content to be distributed to different people or
departments in an organization, this may cause confusion regarding updates, but
this is just to show that anyone can have access to the management system.

Most Content Management Systems software is web based, meaning that you can have
access to edit your web site or page from any computer, with an internet
connection. There is no specific software that needs to be installed or updated
after a while.

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