5 Web Design trends for 2016

The designs and layouts of websites are constantly changing, it might a be a
bit challenging to keep up with all the website design trends but with web
partner at your side, it will be easy to keep your website up to date.

Long Scroll is among the most popular designs as of late, almost everyone is
accustomed to it thanks to our mobile devices and is especially designed for
sites that want to attract their users through storytelling.
Card Layouts, we can thank Pinterest for this concept of presenting information
in small but informative rectangular shapes, this also makes them easier to be
arranged on different device breakpoints.
Vision is our strongest human sense, and the fastest way to grab anyone’s
attention is through visual affects. Hero Images is one of the latest trends
making them among the most popular. Users won’t have to suffer from slow loading
times thanks to advances in bandwidth and data compressions.
Having a mobile friendly site is on everyone’s lips, a site that is responsive
means higher rankings on google as well. 50% of people use their mobiles to
access the internet so having a responsive site will definitely be in your
Rich Animations are being used more and more to make the experience more
interactive and entertaining, this is a great way to attract users as well.
Animations can be put in 2 groups :
Large scale animations are used as primary interactive tools and includes
effects like pop-up notifications and parallax scrolling
Small scale animations do not require a users input and include hover tools and
loading bars.
These are among the top 5 ranking website design trends. In the end you have to
do what will be best for you and your business, bearing in mind what would
attract possible users and clientele.

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