A Website will NOT get you Business

👍 We share this information,
so that you do not make the same mistakes we have.

It’s extremely important that you understand
a Website is not going to promote your business.

WTF are you talking about Brian?

If you think that spending money on a website, will give you a return on investment,
Then STOP Now, because IT WILL NOT!

OK, so you get a website for your business

It looks stunning, smart and really awesome.

Now what?

Who is going to see your website?

Nobody is going to see it.

You going to send it to friends and family?
You will add it to your business card or a brochure?

So who do you Really want to see it?

Potential clients, that’s who – Clients that are searching for your product or
service online.

So how will they find your website?


I go to Google and I search for your service or product and I find your website.
I’m on Facebook and I see your business in my feed.
I’m watching a video on youtube relevant to your product/service and ahaa, here
I see your business.

That is how you promote your business.
A website alone will not do this.

Your website becomes the destination for potential clients to find your business
on all the various platforms.

Some of your clients are on Facebook, some LOVE Instagram.

You have to present your business on those platforms and drive those clients to
your website.

Ok, so the client found your website.

Website looks awesome, you listed all your products and services, but still they don’t phone you. Why?

  • Because your website is boring
  • you are not connecting with your customer
  • you have a poor user experience

You must have high converting landing pages with content the user find
interesting and they want more information.

You must have CTAs – Call to Actions

You cant just show your visitors who you are and what you offer.

You must ask them to take action eg.
Fill in the form and a consultant will contact you
Complete your details below for more information
Click here to contact us now

You have to tell them what to do.

I can guarantee you that any startup business can be
successful from day 1.

If its not, its because your digital marketing is crap.

AND forget about doing everything yourself
(every successful business owner will tell you – employ professionals for

Yes Brian, but experts are expensive – Nonsense!

You can get access to Experts that will not break the bank.

If you really want to boost your business immediately, speak to an Expert now

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