Are Google Ads worth the Investment?

Imagine a world without Google – the online library we turn to when we’re in search of products or services, ideas and inspiration and recipes or motivation. Home to billions of resources, Google has greatly impacted our professional and personal lives for years and will continue to do so for years to come.

As big of a resource as Google may be, some may question whether Google advertising is worth the investment for businesses. Like anything, it’s a balancing act – Google will have as many naysayers as those defending its honour. With digital transformation taking place all around us, some are failing to keep up or get with the times. The effect on their business? Losing out on the value and potential Google has to offer.

That brings us back to the question, are Google ads truly worth the investment? When done correctly, YES! And here is why it’s considered one of the best lead generation tools:

Offers the best ROI
First and foremost, the value and success rate of Google advertising for most businesses, compared to social media, other search engines and offline marketing is far greater.

To support this statement, we’ll get stuck into more detail down below.

You have complete control over your ads and can start, pause or stop them at any time. This means you won’t unnecessarily eat away your ad spend. Lets say you’re going on holiday and won’t have the time to monitor your ads or wish to not run it for the period you’re away – you can pause whichever your campaigns and start them again at a time that is convenient to you.

Budget allocation is entirely within your control, you’re free to spend as much or as little as you want on your ads for the day. This means if your search volumes are higher weekdays and there is not as much traffic weekends, you can allocate a lower budget to your weekend spend. And if Google ads are new to you or you have limited funds available, you can start small and increase your spend as need be.

Additionally, you can decide what position you wish to rank in Google and whether you wish to advertise only on Google or both Google and Google search partners, which are Google approved websites such as Gumtree and OLX.

You can be SPECIFIC

With Google being a targeted search engine, you can specify;

The exact area you wish to search, what searches you want Google to include or exclude,

You can target by your preferred demographic; the two main segmented groups being age and gender.
If you’re looking for a targeted platform that’s geared toward displaying the most relevant search results and offers high-quality leads, Google is the perfect place to advertise your business.

In saying this, and to properly benefit from the results Google has to offer, you need to understand:

1. Although Google is great for many service-based offerings, there are some niches that won’t work as well on Google. For more on this, find out if you’ll best on Google or Facebook here.

2. You need to have a website that is optimized with the correct landing pages and more importantly, your Google account has to be set up properly.

If you’re in need of expert advice or need a Google specialist to assist you, get in touch with us.

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