Choosing an Internet Design Company

In an industry that is overpopulated with agencies and freelancers alike, a good internet design company is hard to come by. Cheap offers and fancy designs may seem attractive, but what purpose would it serve if it adds little to no value to your business?

Your website is a long-term investment that serves as both the online face of your business and the tool that will help you reach potential customers, so careful consideration needs to go into choosing an internet design company.

Here are some factors to take into account and to add to your criteria list when partnering with a web design company:

Credibility (portfolio, reviews)
A company’s portfolio and reviews from clients can attest to their credibility. Thanks to the internet and social media, we can verify their credibility by doing research in advance. This also helps determine whether they fit the profile of what you’re looking for in an internet design company.

Web design prices will vary vastly, you can expect internet design companies to quote you anything between R500 to R50 000. This, of course needs to fit within both your budget and requirements. Make sure the price matches the value you’re getting from the design company you choose to partner with.

Hidden cost (maintenance, hosting, emails)
Most times people assume web design pricing is all-inclusive, but it’s not. Your domain registration, hosting, emails and website maintenance doesn’t necessarily fall under what you’re quoted for the design of your website.

Some agencies and freelancers don’t communicate this with clients, so it’s important to clarify these things upfront, and to get it in writing.

Deadline / turnaround time
When you pay for a website, you don’t want to wait months until it’s up and running which could potentially result in losing out on business. Get confirmation in advance what the turnaround time will be.

In the likelihood of anything going wrong, for instance, your email account getting hacked, you’ll need technical support. Get full disclosure from your designer about whether assistance in this regard is offered, and if it’s included in the price or as an extra charge.

Why choose Web Partner?

  • Affordable monthly packages – we offer monthly packages from R299 a month.
  • Credible – we’ve completed over 10 000 projects and have a 4.8 Google rating from our clients.
  • No hidden costs – our packages are all-inclusive, but does not include your marketing expense.
  • Strict deadlines – we’re a deadline driven company and commit to a 5-day turnaround time upon receipt of all content.
  • Support – we have an in-house support team who will promptly attend to any issues you may have.
  • Free maintenance – while most agencies may charge a set or monthly maintenance fee, we offer 1 hour free monthly maintenance with any of our packages.
  • We have a marketing department – with a marketing team skilled in Google ads, SEO and social media, we can help with the next step in growing your business once your website is up and running.

With a proven track record in having assisted thousands of businesses with their website needs, we’re South Africa’s largest internet design company committed to delivering service you can trust.

Need help? Get in touch with us,

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