Facebook Page Management Sections (Explained)

Facebook’s changes to business pages, although scary, are inevitable. One would swear their mission is to constantly keep us on our toes.

But, to start, we’ll help you make sense of the current Facebook page management sections that will help you optimise your Facebook Business page in no time.

Go to the homepage of your Facebook business page. On the left-hand side you’ll find all the important page management sections as outlined below:


This redirects back to the homepage.


Allows you to view and track the page management history.

Manage Shop

This is where you’re able to set up a Facebook shop, add items and start selling your products online.


Facebook inbox lets you manage your interaction with other users and set up autoresponders.

Business App Store

Business App Store allows you to expand the capability of your business by connecting any of the following:

Appointment scheduling, reservations and e-commerce app.

Resources & Tools

Through Business Resources and Tools, you’ll be able to explore the different tools and resources Facebook has to offer to help grow and optimise your Facebook Business Page.

Manage Jobs

Here you can create and post jobs or reach people looking for jobs on Facebook.


This gives you a summary of all the interactions on your page.


Page insights give you in-depth analytics and information for your Facebook Business Page. Here you’d be able to track page metrics (followers, ad performance etc), learn how people interact with your page and create industry-relevant content.

Publishing Tools

Lets you schedule new posts for Facebook and Instagram, and review past post performance.
With the new Facebook Business Suite, you can post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time, see updates at a glance and get insights, all in one place.

Ad Center

The ad center tab is where you are able to manage ads created from your Business Page. It allows you to view and edit results for all ads you are running.

Page Quality

You can check if your page has any restrictions or if it’s violating the Facebook community standards.

Edit Page Info

The page info section is categorised by:

General: Your page name, username and description of your business and the products or services you offer.

Categories: Helps people find your page by choosing one or more categories that best represent your brand.

Contact information: Here you can include your contact numbers (telephone, cell and WhatsApp number), a business email address and your website link.

Location details: Address, city and area code.

Service areas: If you travel to provide goods or services, you can define your service areas by selecting up to 10 neighbourhoods, cities or regions.

Operating hours: Your business hours can be updated to show when your location is open.

More: Additional details like product information, privacy policies and terms and conditions can be added here.

Price range: You can specify what price range your products or services fall within.

Other accounts: This allows you to connect other social media accounts you have.

You aren’t restricted to the amount of detail you wish to include, you can add as much or as little information as you want to.


Facebook’s page setting section allows you to cover all bases, from general settings all the way through to the page layout and advanced messaging settings.

General Settings
The general settings include preferences like page visibility, profanity filters, age and country restrictions, messaging, page tagging and much more.

You can set up specific messaging features, FAQ’s and autoresponders and edit preferences for Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Templates and Tabs
Templates and tabs allow you to choose an option that best suits your page. It offers default buttons and tabs that can easily be rearranged and reordered with a quick click and drag.

Check out the 10 different Facebook templates you can choose from.

Page Notification Settings
Control which page notifications you receive about your Facebook Business Page. It will give you the option of either turning off all notifications or limiting the amount of notifications you receive on a daily basis.

Advanced Messaging
In addition to the general messaging settings, Facebook lets you manage settings for bots and other features within the advanced messaging section.

Page Roles

If you have a team each responsible for different tasks, you can assign page roles according.

Will have full access to the page and can manage all aspects of the page.

Page editors have similar access to admins, they just aren’t able to assign new page roles.

Can send messages, respond to comments and delete comments, create ads and view insights and is able to see who created a post or comment.

Is able to create ads, see who created a post or comment and can view insights.

Has the most limited access of all page roles. They can only see which admin created a post or comment and is able to view insights.

People and Other Pages
Lets you see all the people or pages who like your Facebook Business Page.

Connecting your Instagram allows you to manage both social platforms in one place.

People can easily connect with you or reach you via the WhatsApp Business account connected to your page.

With it being the largest social media network, and, judging by the rate at which it’s growing, the foreseeable future has plenty more changes in store.

If you need help setting up and optimising your Facebook business page, chat with us.

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