Facebook vs Google advertising: which is best for your business?

Facebook and Google, two platforms that have respectively earned the trust and support of many and have positioned themselves as advertising space that helps bring in the buck for many businesses.

With both platforms receiving large volumes of traffic and both generating leads for businesses through pay per click ads, one can understand why many would wonder which is best for their business.

To determine which is better, you have to delve deep and conduct proper and extensive research. You need to give consideration to the nature of your business, your goals; both short and long-term, what’s your budget, your competitors – these are all determining factors factor when weighing up which platform is best suited for your business.

Before we get into the above factors, lets first look at what each platform is and isn’t.

Best known for its social benefits, Facebook is a great community-driven platform that is perfect for creating brand awareness and engaging with your audience. Between the two, it is also a more affordable advertising platform.

A more targeted, keyword-driven platform that offers fast and immediate results. Your ads are guaranteed to only display people type in specific search terms and you only pay when they click on your ad.

With the above in mind, lets take a closer look at those determining factors:

Nature of your business – the product or service you offer largely determines which platform will yield a better return on investment when we’re looking at Facebook vs Google ads. Google works best for service-focused businesses (not all), including the likes of construction, plumbing and paving contractors. While Facebook, on the other hand, is an ideal “marketplace” for most products and services that aren’t search-driven.

The bigger benefit in Facebook is its ability to help create brand awareness, and together, they work great for any business.

Goals – consider your short and long-term goals; if you’re looking to get immediate results and quality leads that have a higher conversion rate – Google would be your go-to platform. If the goal is to build your brand into an authority position and create a brand presence, Facebook will work best.

Budget – many times people make the mistake of budgeting incorrectly or allocating ad spend to the wrong platform. If you have a budget of R500 and your business is best suited for Google, and your goal is to get leads that convert; your best bet is to allocate that R500 towards Google ads. While the “audience reach” on Facebook may be enticing, Google is more targeted and can give you a better return on investment for your R500. Where your budget permits, you can do a split between Google and Facebook advertising, this way you can get high converting leads and build your credibility as a brand on social media.

Competition – competitor analysis is crucial. You need to look at who and where your competitors are targeting people. This allows you to compare and better your own marketing efforts.

The major difference between Facebook and Google ads is one is a paid social platform, while the other is a paid search platform When these factors are taken into account, that is largely determined by who you’re targeting, your budget and the overall goal you’re hoping to achieve.

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