How important are videos for social media?

What do social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok have
in common? Videos.
Creating videos for social media was once optional. Now, video content is
necessary just to keep up. Why, you ask? Because people love watching videos!
With billions of video views per day, it’s obvious that is where people’s
attention is. This would explain why it accounts for at least 80% of the content
shared on social platforms, and why it’s become the fastest-growing form of
marketing on social media.
Truth is, if you’re not sharing videos on social media, your business will fall
behind the curve.
Now, you might be thinking – videos cost too much money, time, resources, and
skill to create, so why bother with them—right?

Here’s the thing—social media users started gravitating toward content that
is real, raw, and relatable. So, you don’t need:
 – a large sum of money
 – fancy equipment and editing skills
 – or hours of recording time to put videos together.

You can record video content with your phone!
Many businesses don’t realise that people turn to social media to be
entertained, inspired, motivated, and educated. Rather than trying to generate
sales from it, social media should be used to engage and connect with your

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Once you build that trust and connection with an audience, you will
gain their support.

And here’s where the power of video truly comes into play. It doesn’t box you
Scenario 1: you post a video wishing your followers a good start to their week.
Scenario 2: you upload a weekly “joke of the week” video.
Scenario 3: you get real and candid with your audience about a time you
struggled in business.
Scenario 4: you explain your brand story to your audience.

Do you see where we’re going with this? One video can speak to or get the
attention of a 5-year-old as much as it would a 35-year-old. And a 30-second
clip can be just as, if not more impactful than, a 30-minute video.
To answer the question, how important are videos for social media—here’s how
video content outranks images or lengthy pieces of text.

  • Gets people’s attention
  • Is easier to understand and consume
  • Makes you seem more human and relatable
  • Gets more engagement and keeps people engaged for longer
  • Appeals to a wider audience

It’s important to remember behind the screens are real people who enjoy real
and relatable content.
We hope this article helped you get a better understanding of why sharing videos
on social media is important.
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