How Much Do Web Designers Charge In South Africa?

How much do web designers in South Africa charge? A question we’ve been asked countless times, and one we feel web designers will continue getting asked for many more years to come. Truthfully, there is no clear-cut, right or wrong answer to this question.

Web design prices in South Africa considers all ‘checklist’ questions designers set out to ask or base their price on. And for every web designer, this looks different.

In a previous article we discussed the price of a website in South Africa based on 3 core factors: what you do, the number of pages you require and the hosting and post-design maintenance your website will need. There is no clear-cut, right or wrong answer to the question: how much web designers charge in South Africa.

In this article, we would like to explore 3 key points that play a role in the cost of a website in South Africa.

1. Who is designing the website?

With web design in South Africa seeing a significant growth through the years, so has the demand for websites and the number of web design professionals at the disposal of businesses.

These professionals come in the form of fully-fledged web design agencies and freelancers alike. Both of which have good and bad benefits, which can make it hard to decide who to go with.

Freelancers are often deemed “cheaper” and more flexible with their prices as they don’t have as many overhead costs (salaries, rent, running costs etc) as an agency typically would. To some degree – there is truth in this, but not all web design companies charge an “arm and a leg”, and sometimes, an agency can be cheaper than a freelancer.

I guess it essentially comes down to who a business sees as the right fit and feels most comfortable with.

2. Level of experience and area of expertise?

The price of a website can be attached to the level of experience and area of expertise of your potential web designer. A web designer who is just starting out, may offer web design services at little to no cost, simply to help build their portfolio. Likewise, a seasoned web designer who knows what they’re doing may charge more.

Although a web designer needs to be versatile, they may find themselves drawn to different aspects of web design. Some may find they enjoy working on e-commerce websites more than a straightforward business website. Some focus more on smaller websites with less content. Some may focus on one industry (eg: real estate websites).

3. Do they offer monthly packages or a once-off fee?

Not everyone is in favour of monthly web design packages, but not all businesses can afford a bucket load of money for a once-off website. With both options being offered at different price points, businesses can decide which would be the right choice, depending on their business.

With once-off prices, businesses usually pay for what they need and nothing more. Additional factors like the monthly hosting a website requires, and the maintenance thereof is usually not factored into this cost.

If you’re tech savvy and capable of maintaining your website yourself, then paying for a once-off fee for your website is a viable option.

Monthly web design packages are not merely about catering for the business who needs a more affordable option, the price you pay monthly will generally include your hosting and maintenance. It also means you have access to professionals who know what they are doing and what your website needs.

For more details about our web design packages, click here.

When it comes to web design prices in South Africa, businesses can pay as much or as little as they want to. It is important to consider the different of the website, and the design brief the web design company will have to carry out before deciding who your ideal web partner will be.

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