How to choose a web hosting company

If you think having a website is optional, then you’re living in the wrong century. Businesses have come to rely so much on a website and it being accessible to their clients, a moment of ‘downtime’ can seem like a lifetime to them.

This means choosing a reliable and trustworthy web hosting provider is crucial for any business. But with so many big and small hosting companies to choose from, it may be difficult to tell the good from the bad, especially if you’re not sure what to look for.

Lets look at 5 helpful tips on how to choose a web hosting company.

1. Support

It’s important to know that if you experience any issues with your website or your email accounts, you have a web host who can offer the required support in a time of need.

Be sure to ask your potential hosting company when and how they are available when needed. Some have technical consultants available 24/7 for phone or chat support.

2. Backups

In the event of your website getting hacked or files getting lost or deleted, a backup of your website files and emails is crucial. You’ll save yourself a ton of time (and potentially money), and avoid the risk of having to start from scratch.

Check whether they provide a backup service, and how frequently backups are made.

3. Uptime

We mentioned downtime earlier, and there’s no doubt that it can be frustrating – for you and your website visitors. A website that is up, fast and supported will perform better and allows for a better user experience.

4. Accessibility

A good and reliable website hosting company will allow you access to the server, so you can make any necessary changes to your website. You should also be able to access your emails via an internet browser. If the host makes it difficult for you to do either of these, then we suggest you seek an alternative hosting provider.

5. Contracts

Before you sign any contract with a hosting provider, be sure to look at the fine print. While some offer long-term contracts, others work on a month-to-month, cancel at any time agreement.

With Web Partner, you get fast and reliable hosting package options based on your needs. We provide a safe and stable service within a secure environment and ensure that your website is up and running and supported.

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