Is A Facebook Business Page Worth It?

Whether you love or hate Facebook, there’s no denying the world of opportunity the platform has unlocked for many businesses.

With as much as 23 million users in South Africa alone, it’s easy to see why Facebook plays such an important role in the way people do business online.

Facebook Business Pages have somewhat become social media versions of a website, and if you’re already leveraging from all it has to offer – good on you. But, if you’re still on the fence about the value a business page, read on to find out why a Facebook Business Page is worth it!

1. Lets you reach more people

They say you ought to be where your customers are, and these days, they are predominantly online. With over 2.7 billion users worldwide, and an impressive 23 million in South Africa, a Facebook business page can help bring your customers to you.

2. Helps you identify your target audience

A target audience is crucial to any business’ success, but it’s also something many may struggle identifying – especially during the early stages of launching a business.

With Facebook Insights, you can learn a lot about your potential target audience. You will get better insight into things like their location, age, interests and so on.

3. Build brand awareness

A Facebook Business Page is worth it if you’re looking to make people more aware of your brand. Given the competitive market businesses are in, brand building is one of the most important building blocks.

By showcasing your products or services, running competitions or special offers and sharing valuable and insightful information, you can easily draw more people to your page, get better recognition and increase your following on social media.

4. Direct traffic to your website

If your website relies on a strong traffic count, then you can add “helps increase the amount of traffic to your website” to the list of why Facebook business pages are a worthy investment.

Adding your website link to your business’ about section, cover image and including it in posts helps promote it and increases its visibility. Allows you to run (targeted) ads

5. Get customer feedback

Its become the norm for people to take to social media to share their opinions and experiences. Good and positive reviews from your customers can boost your brand’s confidence and overall credibility.

6. Run (targeted) ads

Facebook ads are considered one of the more targeted and affordable forms of advertising. With targeted campaigns and boosted ads, you can achieve all the above, and more.

As you can see, the benefits of having a Facebook Business Page far outweigh the negatives. Social media, and Facebook particularly, is here to stay. If you do not have a Facebook page for your business yet, now may be the perfect time to get one up and running.

Need help with your Facebook setup? Get in touch with our social media team for assistance.

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