Mobile-friendly web design: why it’s important

Mobile devices quickly shifted from optional to a societal must-have. Statistically it is said that the number of mobile users in South Africa will grow to 39.06 million by 2025, that’s close to 800 000 more users than there currently are in 2020. With the year upon year increase, businesses are having to ensure they’re keeping up with industry standards to meet their audience where they are.

Mobile-friendly web design, unlike traditional web design is formatted and designed to be mobile responsive. It largely contributes to the way people interact with a business and the overall interest they’ll show in it.

Here are a few reasons why mobile-friendly web design is important:

Your audience uses mobile devices
Smartphones are all around us. On average, a household contains between 3-5 electronic devices, and over 50% are mobile devices. This means more people are likely to search for your product or service on a smartphone and, a mobile responsive website will help you better the user experience.

Helps build trust
Mobile-friendly web design helps users access a website with ease. A website that is not easily accessible will result in potential customers losing interest and confidence in your brand.

Google ranking
Mobile-friendly web design is one of the top factors that Google takes into account when deciding how to rank your website. In 2018 Google made an announcement stating that they’ll prioritise crawling mobile versions of websites over desktop versions. This means, a website designed with mobile in mind will have a positive impact on your overall Google ranking.

Clients may find it difficult to contact you
A responsive website will adjust to the screen size the user is viewing it on, this makes it easy for them to view or find the information on a website. When a website is not mobile responsive, people will find navigation difficult and this will in turn make it difficult for them to get in touch with you.

Bottom line? Mobile-friendly web design has a positive effect on YOUR bottom line. When people have a negative experience with your website, they’re less likely to show an interest in your brand or to recommend your product or service. And you’re far likely to lose potential clients to your competitors.

To check if your website is mobile-friendly, use Google’s mobile-friendly test. Need a web design company who can help you with a mobile-friendly website? Partner with us!

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