Remote Work: A New Normal We Need To Embrace

The shift to remote working for companies, both big and small was a no-brainer. With lockdown being put in place and businesses already facing restrictions and obstacles, there was a need to act swiftly. Four months later and remote work has now become the new normal we’ve needed to embrace.

While the concept of working remotely has risen in popularity over the years, there’s much concern about whether it will be temporary. Will it phase out? Will there be positive or negative long-term consequences?

Given the circumstances we’re in, this is what we currently know and foresee:

  • The numbers will continue to rise

It’s predicted that the aftermath of the virus will linger for at least the next 2 years, if not longer. This reality places businesses in a position where they need to be tactful in their decision-making. For safety and financial purposes, the option to work remotely makes sense.

Many have started settling into this “new normal”, and we reckon more companies will jump onto the bandwagon. Those already doing so will consider remote work as a new or long-term option.

  • Businesses and workers benefit

There’s been much debate about whether remote work is a viable option for businesses in the long-run, but studies have shown it’s potentially a win-win situation for employees and employers alike.

Of course, there’s advantages and disadvantages on either side of the scale, but with the freedom and flexibility that remote work allows comes increased productivity, focus and a better sense of responsibility.

  • Decrease in stress levels

Stress is known to have a huge impact on many aspects of our lives: mental, physical and emotional well-being; all of which can affect both our work and personal life. Working remotely can help improve your work-life balance.

More so, employees can better plan their personal lives. There’ll be a significant decrease in the added stress of transport costs or related issues like traffic or taking time off.

  • Operational costs will be lower

With the economy taking a major knock, businesses closing down and an overall decrease in revenue for many companies, the financial burden of working remotely compared to employees working from the office is far less.

Overall, working remotely means adapting and looking at life in general through a new lens.

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