Reviews: A better way to get customer insights

If you’re running a business; big or small, reality is, regardless of how
hard you try, it just won’t be possible for you to satisfy each and every
client. While good service and great feedback may be what you ultimately aim
for, you have to take the bad with the good.

Reviews have become a common way in which customers either express their
appreciation for good service or a means to complain and notify society of how
terrible your product or service was. Lets be honest, reading words such as
“horrible”, “worst” “unsatisfactory” or “I wouldn’t recommend them” is not
particularly how you wish to be perceived by potential clients. There’s two
sides to every coin, while it may be possible that you’re at fault, and despite
society conditioning us to believe that the customer is never wrong, there is a
big possibility that the customer may very well be wrong.

Getting reviewed can be scary and there’s a REAL fear of how damaging it can
be to your business’ reputation. Thanks to a multitude of platforms like Google,
Facebook and Hellopeter, the fate of the feedback you receive is left in the
hands of those who choose to review your product or service.

As South Africa’s leading Design Company, we have the highest amount of
reviews on Google, 224 reviews to be exact. Your customers matter, and so does
their feedback. While good reviews counts in your business’ favour, it is easier
to get a bad review than it is to get a good one. Having said that, the fear of
negative feedback should not be a crutch holding you back from getting insight
from clients. You should be ASKING FOR REVIEWS, and here’s why:

Honesty and transparency can help you improve

Getting honest input from your clients can help you identify potential problems
and find possible solutions that will help better your product and service
offering. This will benefit your business in the long-run.

Shows you’re open to criticism

No one likes to be criticized, and criticism in business is a particularly hard
pill to swallow as people aren’t aware of all the behind the scenes work you and
your team put into your product or service. When you show that you welcome
feedback, both good and bad, it helps strengthen your brand.

It’s good for your SEO

While Google takes many factors into account when it comes to rankings, reviews
will help contribute to and boost your positioning in search engines.

Adds to your credibility

People tend to seek out feedback before they make use of a product or service.
If your business doesn’t have any reviews for you to be judged by, potential
clients will more than likely seek assist elsewhere. This in itself, has proven
to show just how much reviews matter and how it can help your brand.

It will increase sales

Sales and credibility goes hand in hand. People will buy from businesses who are
credible and part of their buying decision lies in what the feedback has been
from those who have used your product or service.
In saying that, soliciting reviews the wrong way will have a negative impact on
your brand, and ultimately your sales. Having friends and family members review
your product or service online is a tactic that has little to no benefit to your
When asking for reviews, it is important to help your clients understand WHY you
are requesting a review. Clearly outlining that you’re potentially looking to
better your product or service offering will aid in getting honest feedback.

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