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Total: R 2 500 p/m

By now it’s no secret that a business’ success on social media comes from having a strong social presence. With over 30 million social media users in South Africa, social media has proven to be a valuable investment for many businesses.

Maintaining a healthy social media presence requires content that’s engaging, valuable and interesting to your followers.

However–to keep them engaged and interested requires lots of research, content creation, creativity and more. And you may not have the time or knowledge to be doing it all by yourself.

Getting a reputable social media company to help with your social media needs can save you a lot of time and money. When it comes to social media pricing, the average cost of between R5 000 – R25 000 can be used as a guideline. But we can’t assume that the needs and wants of every business is the same, there are several components that needs to be factored in.

To start, consider the company’s level of experience you’ll outsource your social media marketing to. Every service provider is different, depending on their experience–you’ll get different pricing and quality.

If you really want to get exposure on social media, which in South Africa is mainly facebook, instagram and tiktok, you will need to run ads. Organic marketing is dead, but that does not mean that your page on the social platform should not be updated with your latest content. It just means that posting to your page is not going to give you the exposure and reach you want from any social posting efforts. What you need is a Paid Ads strategy that will compliment your organic posts. The only way you can really get the best roi, is with this strategy. If you are looking for a strategy tailored to your business that will work and give you results, send us an email on

We Design & Schedule
Your Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok Posts

The End of Organic Reach on Social Media

Why Paid Advertising is Essential for Business Success

In today’s digital landscape, relying solely on organic posts on social platforms for business visibility is no longer viable. The reach of organic content has diminished significantly, as platforms have adjusted their algorithms to prioritize user engagement over non-paid content. This shift has transformed organic social media management into a tool primarily for reinforcing brand image rather than driving reach or engagement.

The Limited Impact of Organic Social Media Management

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have changed the rules of engagement. Organic posts are now seen by only a small fraction of your followers. In cities like Cape Town and across South Africa, businesses are realizing that their social media pages serve more as digital storefronts to affirm their brand’s presence and less as channels for customer acquisition. Agencies specializing in social media management in Cape Town and beyond are adapting by shifting their focus from organic strategies to comprehensive social media marketing packages that include paid advertisements.

The Necessity of Social Media Advertising

For most businesses, particularly outside the lifestyle product sector, social media functions best at the top of the marketing funnel. It’s essential for building awareness and maintaining brand visibility. Social media advertising packages are becoming indispensable, allowing businesses to segment their audience for more targeted advertising. This strategic approach ensures that your message reaches potential customers more effectively, keeping your brand top of mind through high-frequency exposure.

How Our Agency Can Help

At our social media marketing agency in South Africa, we recognize the dual role of organic and paid strategies. While we continue to create organic posts to maintain your brand’s image on your profiles—ensuring regular updates and highlighting key services—we emphasize the importance of paid campaigns. Our social media packages are designed to maximize your reach and impact. For R2,500 per month, we offer comprehensive social media management packages that include four posts per week and full ads management.

Customized Strategies for Effective Engagement

We don’t just manage your campaigns; we elevate them. Our social media marketing agency pricing includes the design of ads, testing different creatives to achieve better CPMs and engagement rates. Understanding the nuances of social media marketing costs, we tailor our social media marketing packages to suit the specific needs of each client, from small businesses to large corporations throughout Cape Town and South Africa.

Understanding Fees and Value

The cost of social media marketing is an investment in your brand’s digital presence. Our social media pricing is transparent and tailored to provide value through strategic ad placements and impactful organic content. The difference between social media management and social media marketing is distinct, but both are crucial for a holistic digital strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Social Media Management

As the landscape of social media evolves, so too must our strategies. Organic reach might be waning, but by integrating smart, targeted advertising campaigns, businesses can still leverage social platforms effectively. Our agency is committed to navigating these changes with you, ensuring that your social media strategy not only adapts to these new norms but also thrives, driving visibility and engagement in an increasingly crowded digital space.


You may find that one focuses solely on small businesses, while another chooses to work with larger corporations. Some are even niche-specific, meaning they work primarily within one product or service niche.

You want to trust that your business’ social media will be in the right hands and that the company you partner with is the right fit for you, not only in terms of budget but more specifically, in respect of what you are looking to achieve with social media.

Next, think about what your goals and needs are. What are you hoping to achieve?

  • Create brand awareness?
  • Generate more sales?
  • Drive traffic to your website?


Your goals need to align with the three pillars of social media marketing: to inspire, educate and entertain. And it should answer the 3 w’s:

  • Who you’re targeting?
  • What product or service you’re selling
  • Why should people buy from or use you?


Clearly communicate your social media goals to your social media marketing

Depending on your needs, your service provider may need to manage one or a
combination of social media platforms for you. They can help you determine which
platforms would be best suited for you and the number of weekly posts you’ll need per platform.

Check out how many times you should be posting to social media here.

Another important point to consider is where your content will be coming from. Will you have content readily available, or does the agency need to create it from scratch?

Although some agencies include content strategies as part of their social media package prices, you may have to pay more for additional content.

You’ll also need to factor in advertising spend for sponsored or boosted posts on social media. These ads generally help enhance your social media presence, grow your following and get your content noticed.

Your ad spend is dependent on your budget and your social media goals, and your social media agency can help you figure out the budget you’ll need to achieve your goals.

Lastly–many agencies offer a few different social media package options to choose from. But we recommend these be used as a guideline only. What you should be asking is, “will my business benefit from a standard social media package or will a custom strategy be more beneficial to my business’ needs?”

Standard social media packages generally include:

  • A set amount of social media posts per month
  • Posting to and/or managing of one or more platforms
  • A basic content plan or content calendar
    Image design or sourcing of stock images


Here are a few questions we suggest asking before deciding to partner with a social media company:

  • Is social account/profile setup included?
  • Does the package price include ad spend–if not, what would be the
    recommended budget for ads?
  • Are image designs included?
  • What, if any additional charges are there?


What sets a reputable agency apart from the bad is that they understand the intention behind the use of imagery, videos, colours or words, who it is targeted towards and the expected outcome or return on investment.

Do your research and make sure the company you’re partnering with knows what they are doing and can deliver results with their social media marketing packages.

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