Social Media: What’s hot, what’s not

We’re all familiar with the term “what’s trending”. Every year there’s a
round-up of new trends you can expect to see make waves. Ones that’ll grace us
with their presence a little while longer and others that have outlived their 5
seconds of fame.

Lets take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in the world of
social media:


the social platform that has taken centre stage and continues to shine bright
during quarantine. Move over Gen Z, you’ll find a number of Millenials and Gen X
users who can give you a run for your money. 

Launched in 2016, this 4-year old platform currently stands at 800 million
users worldwide. Impressive, right?! As a short-form video platform, TikTokkers
can create original content, recreate scenes from movies or music videos and so
much more. Their mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy – both of which
they’ve nailed. 

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Did you know, of the 800 million users TikTok has, 500 million originate from

Video content

lives – need we say more? Video is big, and we’ll continue to see
it increase in popularity for some time to come. 

Why is this great for business? For one, you better your chances of reaching
a wider audience. Add in video’s ability to help you better communicate your
message to your current and potential customers, your competition will have the
odds stacked against them. 

And while some may say it’s an investment that can cost a fortune, that’s not
entirely true. Although you may need specialised equipment or a professional to
shoot or edit advanced video content. It is highly possible to produce DIY
videos your audience can relate to. 

And speaking of relatable content, real and raw (unedited and unscripted)
videos have become a big deal and have a massive impact on audiences. 

Communities / Groups 

Communities and groups have somewhat been underappreciated. But consider all
the Facebook community and business / networking groups you belong to, you’ll
see there’s more worth in them than we’re willing to give it credit.  Groups and
communities have been around for a while. It’s where like-minded individuals
join to share ideas and knowledge. 

In 2020 we’re saying YAY to  rallying your supporters together in a brand
community to keep them informed and interested. 

Instagram likes

If you’re one to count the number of likes your Instagram posts get, brace
yourselves, Instagram has started hiding likes! While this has only been
implemented in Canada, the US and a few other countries, we can most certainly
expect to see it be rolled out in South Africa too. This hot topic has had many
naysayers disapproving of the idea, but here’s what you need to know:


Adam Mosseri
announced, the reasoning behind making likes private or hiding
them is to make it less about competition and more about connecting and

Check out the clip where he explains why likes are being hidden

There’s however no reason to freak out. Likes won’t disappear, instead, it
will be hidden to your followers and will only be viewable to you. How will this
impact businesses? There’s no major impact on brands, the only difference is,
brands will now be forced to shift their focus to becoming more creative with
their content and how their audience connects and engages with the content. And
in our opinion, that’s all-in-all a step in a more positive direction for

Paid advertising

“If you want to make money, you need to spend money”, so profound and so
true. Social media platforms in South Africa collectively have over 1 million
users on EACH of the major platforms. 

That’s a lot of potential business! And with targeting becoming more and more
precise, social media platforms are allowing you to reach more people faster and
more effectively.  

Social listening

Many speculated and questioned, is this real? Are brands listening in on
conversations? Yes, but not in the secret agent kind of way. Social listening is
merely a way for brands to suss out what people are saying about a brand /
industry by keeping a watch on online conversations. 

If you’re going to sell your product or service to an audience, you need to
have an understanding of who you’re selling to and what they need or want. 

When you listen, you learn; and when you learn, you’ll sell better and

Below are some of the not so hot trends we can see fade out on social media. 

Long video ads

Who doesn’t love a good video ad? Video is progressing rapidly, but no one is
truly intrigued by a 3-minute long video ad. If it’s relevant, to the point,
catchy and creative; your ad will appeal to the masses. Ideally, you want your
ad to be between 30-90 seconds long. In doing so, it’s easier for the viewers to
digest, you can easily hook them and they’re far more likely to take action.

We’re not saying longer videos don’t work, but when we consider audience
preferences, shorter ads in present times have far more of an impact and a
higher conversion rate. 

Generic visuals

Marketing has evolved to such an extent, it is now perceived as an extension of
your customer service. Brands are digging deep and focusing on connecting with
their audience on a more personal and relatable level. Images play an important
role in this communication and connection, so generic images just won’t cut it
on social media anymore.

Here’s some key points for getting your message
across with visuals on social media:

  • Authenticity is
    EVERYTHING – be true to who you are

  • Design with your audience
    in mind – what’s intriguing to them?

  • Research what’s hot –
    exist for a reason 


, graphic and
, trend watching is a BIG deal – mostly because it is relative to
the success businesses experience online. And we’re all about putting our best
foot forward for our clients.

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