Surviving the Covid-19 effect

The worldwide effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating. With over 1 000 confirmed positive cases to date, the impact on our people and the rapid spreading of the virus has forced the government to take drastic measures to flatten the curve.

With the country on a 21-day lockdown period, the outbreak of the Coronavirus has had a crippling effect on small businesses and the economy as a whole.

Small businesses were first in line to bear the brunt. The sudden and hard hit forced many businesses into fight-or-flight mode. While some were faced with the harsh reality of permanently having to close their doors, others are preparing for the road to recovery.

It’s a scary time for small businesses. They’re faced with many concerns – how they’ll survive the aftermath, the financial pressure and lack of income to sustain themselves. Some have salaries, rent and overheads to pay. And with so much uncertainty, the next steps are unclear.

For all small business owners overcome with worry and concern:

Be proactive

Your business cannot afford you to become complacent. Now might be the perfect time to invest time and energy into the aspects of the business you may have neglected or struggled to get to previously.

Take time to reflect

If you think back to where you started and where you’re wanting to be, which areas of the business work and which doesn’t work? How can you rectify the wrong and better the right? Take time to reflect to determine what can be done to keep your business moving forward.

Be prepared

No one saw the outbreak of a virus coming and we didn’t quite prepare for the impact it was going to have. With the numbers growing, be prepared for the likelihood of it getting worse before it will get better.

Communication is crucial

Whether you’re a team or a one-man show, clear communication is absolutely necessary right now. Find the right processes and tools that’ll work best for you and your team to effectively communicate with one another, clients or suppliers.

Be a positive support

Now more than ever, support is crucial. The people serving our country during this time of crisis need the support of the nation. You as business owner, your staff and fellow business owners need support and positive reinforcement. Use this as an opportunity to be a motivation.

Surviving the Covid-19 effect and rising above the ashes is possible, we believe all hope should not be lost and we should all stand together in support of businesses affected.

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