Tips for Professional Networking on LinkedIn

With so many different social networking platforms that allows you to connect with people, nothing connects professionals from across the globe quite like LinkedIn.

Of its 675 million global users, 7 million are from South Africa. Professional networking is a good way to develop professional relationships that can help boost your career or grow your business.

So, how exactly can you use LinkedIn to your advantage? Check out our 5 top tips that’ll help you better your networking skills on LinkedIn.

Have a complete profile

You want to ensure you make a good and lasting impression when people land on your profile.

  • A good quality, professional profile picture is important.
  • Provide a detailed overview of who you are and what you do in the summary section.
  • You can use the cover image space to highlight your profession or something that fits your personality.
  • Make sure you provide as much detail about your work history as possible. And list the current position you hold.
  • Include all formal qualifications and certificates you may have received.

Post often

You need to make an effort to have consistent activity on your profile. But unlike Facebook, your content should be engaging and relevant to your industry in order for you to build better connections.

Add your link to your social profiles

Adding your LinkedIn profile link to other social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram drives connections to your profile and helps increase your professional network. You can also include it in your e-mail signature and your resume.

Send thank you messages

Not only is it courteous to send a thank you message when people have sent you an invite to connect or when they accept yours, but it also acts as a great conversation starter with a professional you’re looking to engage with.

Recommendations / Endorsements

Recommendations and endorsements are testimonials of your skills and emphasizes your professional capabilities. You can ask former or current employers or people you have worked with to endorse a particular skill set or for a recommendation. And you can do the same for others.

Don’t be afraid to connect and engage with people within your industry. Professional networking is an ideal way for you to build meaningful relationships and connections with other professionals. It can present many opportunities for you as a professional and for your business.

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