Why aren’t people visiting my website

When you’ve invested time and money into getting a website up and running, a lack of traffic, and more importantly, quality website traffic can be frustrating and bad for business.

Below, we dive into some factors that contribute to your website’s performance and what can be done to improve its overall performance.

You are not advertising
The internet is a jungle that’s anyone’s game. Lots of traffic (potential customers) means lots of competition. When you’re not advertising your website (business), you can’t expect to make money.

And while advertising usually comes at a cost, there’s ways in which you can help market your website that carries little to no advertising cost.

  • Ramp up your SEO game, it’ll help with your organic rankings.
  • Include your website link on your social media pages and in your email signature.

Your website is not ranking
Ranking in search engines increases your website’s visibility, and this directly impacts the amount of visitors your website will get. When people search for your product or service, you want to rank on the first page.

To do so, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider:

Irrelevant content
Content will always reign supreme in all aspects of the digital realm. That is why your content should be relevant, unique and engaging.

  • Make sure your website isn’t text heavy, if it contains too much text, people will lose interest.
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors. You don’t want to come across as unprofessional.

Your website is not secure
The internet is laden with hackers and viruses that pose a threat to your website. When your site not is secure, visitors will be hesitant to visit your website or share their information with you. This can ultimately result in a negative reflection of your business.

To safeguard your website against potential threats, you need to:

  • Install an SSL certificate
  • Do constant backups
  • Make use of anti-malware software
  • Update your website from time to time

It’s not indexed
Indexing a website simply refers to the process by which a search engine adds web content to its index by means of “crawling” to gather and process the data from pages.

Here’s how to get your website indexed:

Website loading speed is slow
There’s nothing as frustrating as visiting a website, only to find that the contents thereof takes ages to load. This will cause your visitors to lose interest, and will result in them leaving your site.

Not mobile-friendly
Perhaps 10 years ago a website designed for mobile viewing wasn’t as relevant. But times have changed, and mobile usage has drastically increased. This means, designing with mobile in mind is one of the most important factors as the number of mobile users outweigh PC users.

Updating an outdated website is like giving a house a fresh coat of paint. It’ll look as good as new and is more likely to get people’s attention. More importantly, an outdated website doesn’t perform well and won’t give you a good return on investment.

Staying on trend and changing with the times will increase your chance of getting website visitors.

In order for your website to yield the results you’re hoping for, it’s worth noting that none of the above factors act in isolation. Collectively, it will help improve your website and improve its visibility.

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