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Let’s look at your Options

web design company vs wix vs freelancer
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Before we start, lets just look at the
COSTS associated with ANY WEBSITE.

Domain Registration/Renewal
  • Every website requires a domain name, www.yourdomain.whatever
  • Every domain has a domain registration cost and an annual renewal fee

A Reasonable Price
R99 a year for a domain

  • Every website requires hosting, either paid monthly or annually.
  • Hosting fees might sometimes include your domain registration or annual domain renewal fee
  • Quality Hosting will speed up your website.

A Reasonable Price
R99 per month for 5GB Storage

  • The design might be free or paid.
  • You can get a Free Website Builders or Paid Web Design Company

A Reasonable Price
Depends on your Project needs and Designer’s creativity, experience and knowledge

Let’s look at the Best Option for You

Website Design Companies / Freelancers

A Web Design Company will design your website at a cost.
They might include your domain registration, renewal and hosting fee in their once-off or monthly cost or charge their design fee separately.

Fair Price: Once-Off Design Costs can range vastly from R 1 000 to R 10 000, depending on your requirements and the designer’s knowledge and experience.
Once-off fees might include your domain registration and hosting, but Remember that every website requires domain renewal and hosting, so you might need to pay a monthly or annual fee to cover these costs.
Support – Website Maintenance is often charged separately depending on your update requirements, but I’ve heard some horror stories of web designers charging a full hourly rate, just to change a telephone number on the site, which would’ve taken the designer 5 minutes.

Fair Hourly Rate: R300 – R500 per hour

How to Choose
Look at their Reviews – This will indicate their knowledge, experience, support and overall service rating

Wix – DIY Website Builders

Offers you a free software platform to design your website yourself at no cost, but as soon as you want to link a professional domain name, www.yourdomain.whatever they will charge a monthly fee.
Wix does not allow you to develop custom functionality or features not included in their software.

Wix Fees
Without a professional domain name – Free
With a domain name:
12 Month Contract: $12.50 (+/- R200) per month
Monthly: $16 (+/- R250) per month

Wix Review on Trustpilot: 1500 Reviews with 57% Bad Reviews – 1.5 out of 5 Rating


Is a free CMS, Content Management System, for the more advanced user, that can install, configure and design their own website. It comes with some standard templates (Themes), but there are plenty of Themes available online that you can buy. These Themes are already designed for your type of business. I do recommend you install a Drag and Drop website builder plugin called “Divi” allowing you to easily design your website with no coding skills required.
You will need to register a domain name and setup hosting. Many Hosting Providers will offer an easy WordPress installer, which requires no knowledge of database connections
WordPress does not offer any maintenance or support to design your website, you will need the help of a web designer.

Fair Fees: R99 per month Hosting, R99 Domain Registration and R99 Annual Renewal

Digital Support Agency

Web Partner Supports you with EVERYTHING!

  • Design your Website
  • Register your Domain Name
  • Host your Website
  • Wix Website Builder Support
  • WordPress Install & Configure
  • Theme Installation
  • Update / Maintain your Website
  • Support for Adwords, Facebook, SEO
  • Setup Google my Business Listing
  • Submit to Google

Web Partner is more than just a web design company.

Digital Support Subscription Cost: Only R299 per month

Google Reviews: 224 Reviews with 98% Good Reviews – 4.8 out of 5 Rating

You can achieve Anything, with just a little bit of support!


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